Become a watchmaker for a day

Have you ever wanted to be part of the fascinating world of watchmaking and have the chance to sit down at a watchmaker’s workbench yourself? Have you always dreamed of assembling and wearing your very own watch?

Watchmaker day

Les Ambassadeurs Zurich is now offering you the unique chance to do just that. Concentration, dexterity and precision are key concepts. Together with our experts, we invite you to a one-day event that will take you on a fascinating journey into the inner workings of a watch. Afterwards, you will have the chance to assemble a watch with dial, hands, crown and winding stem and then take it home with you. Before you leave, you will thoroughly inspect your timepiece and its precision.

For more information, bookings and vouchers please contact Ms Carole Lüdi at: [email protected] or +41 44 227 17 17.