About HG-Timepieces

Australian Marc Newson is regarded as one of the most influential designers and inventors of our time. There is hardly an object to which he has not devoted his attention: air planes, bicycles, armchairs, interior design and household objects. Around the turn of the millennium, he launched a watch collection under the Ikepod brand. Today Ikepod provides a stunning reinterpretation of an old theme: the hourglass.

Yes, the sandglass can be reinvented! Even the term "sandglass" does not really apply here. Enormous effort goes into crafting hourglasses from a single piece, containing "nanoballs". These are tiny steel balls, coated with various metals. This objet d'art - clearly a potential collector's item - comes in two sizes, with a 60-minute time limit and a 10-minute "operating reserve".


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