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    Pomellato are craftsmen at heart, as this collection clearly attests. It features large, curvaceous rings that are gentle to the touch. Diamonds and stones are nestled together in engraved motifs. Bracelets and necklaces with large rings round off the collection, made from rose gold and white gold or set with diamonds.

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  • Pomellato_Collection_MamanonMama_2.jpg

    The name of the collection means “he loves me, he loves me not”; the jewellery in question expresses the whole gamut of the heart’s emotions. Brightly-coloured, festive jewellery items are set with two hues of precious stones, or hard stones such as turquoise or lapis lazuli. The pieces are redolent with distinctly Italian sunshine.

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  • Pomellato_Collection_Nudo_2.jpg

    Created in 2001, Nudo is an absolute style icon. Its chunky, brightly-coloured and pure stones are held in place without prongs, showing them off to their best advantage. The rings in this flagship collection can be worn together to produce a sublime range of hues. With Nudo, the beauty of colours reigns supreme.

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  • Pomellato_Collection_Sabbia_2.jpg

    Characterised by minimalist shapes, the round or rectangular full pavé motifs feature white, black or brown diamonds. The stones appear to be scattered randomly on the gold surface. Sabbia embodies a sober yet sophisticated way of sporting diamonds as everyday wear.

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  • Victoria_2.jpg

    This collection worthy of a queen pays tribute to Queen Victoria. The jet stones contrast strikingly with the rose gold, whilst the openwork patterns in jet and red Rhodoïd recall the fine old roses of an English country garden.

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  • Ritratto_2.jpg

    The especially iconic Ritratto collection gained new items in 2017 to mark the firm’s fiftieth anniversary. The shimmering colours of hard stones such as malachite and tiger’s eye blend in wonderfully with the two claws holding natural gems.

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  • Orsetto_2.jpg

    Orsetto has been the brand’s mascot for over 30 years and has now become synonymous with the firm: a small teddy bear, hanging by its ear from a pendant. It brings back plenty of childhood memories – now clad in precious stones.

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  • Brera_2.jpg

    Pomellato carries us off to the heart of Cinecittà with its pure Italian style. You can just imagine Gina Lollobrigida playing with the multiple loops that make up the Chandelier earrings. For fashionistas, several new kinds of jewellery, such as between-the-finger rings and earcuffs, add a contemporary touch.

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  • Fantina_2.jpg

    The name of this collection means ‘jockey’ in Italian, and for it the brand has drawn inspiration from its original reference: horse-riding. Large rings recall the shape of stirrups; diamonds set off the untrammelled lines. A very stylish collection, with today’s Amazons especially in mind.

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  • Catene_2.jpg

    With its endlessly interlaced rings, the Catene collection appears to dance as it cleaves to your body. The most beautiful diamonds have been chosen for this luxurious collection that combines brown and sparkling white diamonds.

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  • Capri_2.jpg

    The ever-so-gentle Capri collection depicts the beautiful landscapes of the legendary lovers’ island, featuring turquoise, pink, and white ceramic stones, illuminated by sparkling gems.

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  • Pomellato_Together_collection_1_1.jpg

    The enigma of love in its various forms - the new POMELLATO TOGETHER collection celebrates loving relationships in a very special way. Whether as lovers, friends, siblings, or family, the close bond between people is symbolised by the jewels and bands in the collection.

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    Pomellato Together

About Pomellato

With the founding of Pomellato in 1967, Pino Rabolini shook up the traditional codes of goldsmithing. A true rebel, this bold entrepreneur drew inspiration from fashion jewellery to craft luxury pieces with the most exquisite precious stones. It is this highly personal touch that brings this designer’s jewellery to life, with its modern, colourful and fantastical designs.


Collection Highlights

This Italian brand stands for unconventional and colourful Italian luxury-fashion fine jewellery.

Pomellato’s most popular collections, such as Nudo, Ironica and Sabbia or M’ama non M’ama, breathe new life into their wearer’s look, day after day and reflect the vivid shades of the Mediterranean light and joy of living.


Pomellato at Les Ambassadeurs


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