A mechanical watch beats at over 500,000 vibrations a day, activating between 200 and 250 components one by one – some of which are no thicker than a strand of hair – and all adjusted down to the micrometre. Given this, we can better understand why a mechanical watch needs to be serviced regularly. It is generally recommended to do so every three years. By this time, a conventional watch will have totalled over half a billion vibrations.

Lubrication is the key element for the proper functioning of any kinematic chain. Once the components have been dismantled, the watchmaker cleans them, thereby eliminating any build-up of solidified oil that may have occurred. The components are then reassembled. Oil and grease are added throughout reassembly.


The adjustment of the rate is the most important task the watchmaker will perform. By means of adjusting the escapement, the watch’s original precision will be restored. It should nevertheless be noted that watches that had chronometer certification when they were new are not given a new COSC certificate upon servicing, unless the client specifically asks for this. 

As far as the external parts are concerned, the watchmaker cleans the case, crystal and strap. This is done by means of ultrasonic cleaning, which eliminates all of the invisible impurities from the external structure of the watch. The piece is then polished, restoring its original shine. The watch’s gasket is also replaced. These procedures apply to both mechanical and quartz watches. Straps made of hide – leather, for example – may be changed if the watchmaker believes that they risk breaking. All of these procedures can be found in the watch’s maintenance booklet. 

After-sales service is one of Les Ambassadeurs’ strong suits. In every boutique, our experts – a team of master watchmakers – handle repairs and servicing in specially equipped workshops, which customers can view from behind glass. This level of transparency enables customers to get an idea of what exactly happens to their watch. In this way, professional, specialised service is the key to successful after-sales service. Contact us.