Ole Lynggaard now also at Les Ambassadeurs Geneva and Lugano

As of now, you can find Ole Lynggaard, a longstanding partner of the leading Swiss retailer of valuable timepieces and elegant jewellery, at the Les Ambassadeurs boutiques in Lugano and Geneva as well.

The Danish jewellery company was founded in 1963 by Ole Lynggaard and is one of the official suppliers of the Danish royal family. Thanks to its unique designs, Ole Lynggaard also enjoys international acclaim. The renowned designer realised the importance of instilling his own passion in his daughter, Charlotte, who now shares with him the responsibility for creating new pieces. Charlotte Lynggaard, one of the big names in the Scandinavian fashion, jewellery and design industry, lends the brand a modern, graceful touch that resonates with today’s woman.

Ole Lynggaard
Ole Lynggaard

The company’s jewellery creations, inspired by flowers, various plants, and animals, unite elegance and refinement with classic sophistication and contemporary flair. This subtle mixture ensures that these timeless creations can be combined at will without ever appearing out of fashion.
Each piece of jewellery down to the smallest detail is the epitome of design and carries a signature that guarantees the product’s quality and perfection. All of the pieces, from their design to the finished product, are given the same meticulous attention. This is proof of the quality and respect given to the final product – a commitment that has characterised this company for more than 50 years.