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    Wellendorff bracelets caress the wrist with 18-carat gold and are very easy to put on and take off, either with the patented clasp or the new EMBRACE ME bracelet that is worn without a clasp.

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    Gold so soft it caresses the skin like pure silk: the Wellendorff rope made from 18-carat gold has been a style icon in the jewellery world for over 40 years. It is available in a number of different variations, and each one is made by hand in Golden City of Pforzheim.

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    The sensual earrings show off all the splendour of enamel colours. The bright tints of enamel highlight motifs such as rippling waves and geometric grid patterns. Gold graced with the Wellendorff Rope motif gleams even brighter, further accentuating the beauty of the enamelling.

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    Precision down to hundredths of a millimetre allows the inner rings to rotate smoothly. These rings are made with love from 18-carat gold and create stunning colour reflections with the shock-proof cold enamel or sparkling brilliant-cut diamonds.

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    Perfect for any occasion: the colourful or diamond-set rondels made from 18-carat gold are the perfect addition to our Wellendorff gold ropes and match the designs of our rings. Crafted by master goldsmiths in the Golden City of Pforzheim.

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About Wellendorff

Since its founding in Pforzheim in 1893 by Ernst Alexander Wellendorff, the Wellendorff brand has been sustained by the passion poured into it by the family. The torch has now been passed to the fourth generation of family members, who are ensuring that the traditional values of this renowned brand will continue for years to come. A world away from flashy, short-lived fashion trends, the authenticity of Wellendorff shines through, offering us a slice of eternity in the timeless beauty and elegance of its jewellery.


Collection Highlights

Each piece is finished with a W adorned with a precious diamond at its centre, which serves to certify the high quality standards of this jeweller and of each collection piece. Wellendorff represents in each of their collection the values and estimation that gold and diamonds are everlasting. Created to keep a memory and your story alive for ever – each jewellery piece is inscribable and should keep your special moment for ever.


Wellendorff at Les Ambassadeurs


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Kapellplatz 5

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