About Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni, a jeweller from Piemont, founded his own company in 1976 in Valenza, the cradle of Italian jewellery artistry. Together with his daughter Eugenia, the brand’s creative soul, he has enjoyed international success with his unique and highly personal creations that always seek to reflect the highest levels of sophistication. An interplay between a classical, even mystical touch and the pinnacle of modernity.

Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni

Collection Highlights

Pasquale Bruni collections are built around names that bring myth, luxury and an exquisite uniqueness to life, such as Bon Ton, Giardini Segreti, Sissi, Prato Fiorito and Amore.

Each of these wonderful and distinctive pieces adapts perfectly the person who is wearing them and reflect the Italian style of living at its best.

Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni
Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni

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