Pasquale Bruni COLLECTIONS

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    Giardini Segreti’s ethereal, sensual flowers in satin-finish gold or diamond pay tribute to the secret gardens of Milan. On the pavé version, the relief of the exquisitely slender petals is created by white and champagne-coloured diamonds. The collection is an ode to femininity – and an anthem to the amazingly intricate expertise of Italian jewelsmithing.

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  • PB_Bon-Ton_1.jpg

    The Bon Ton collection offers up a fairytale constellation, featuring a choice selection of the most beautiful coloured, facetted cabochon stones. Drawing inspiration from the plant and floral world, each piece has a discreet diamond leaf encrusted in the ring, giving it a touch of sparkle – a little piece of jewellers’ magic.

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  • Pasquale_Bruni_Kollektion_Figlia_dei_Fiori_1.jpg

    Tiny flowers are scattered on circular or spiral rings; gold rings trace the path of their freewheeling orbits. The stones in this sidereal dance – red garnets, carnelians, pink chalcedonies, moonstones, and more – echo the colours of the moon and stars.

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  • PB_Petot-Garden_1.jpg

    The flowers conjure up the poetry of Italian gardens with their rose gold and diamond pavé. A motif of a leaf dialogues with each flower, adding the finishing touch to the elegant arrangement. The flower and petal come either combined “me and you” style, or as separate, coordinated items, to be worn singly or together.

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  • Pasquale_Bruni_Kollektion_Ton_Joli_1.jpg

    The deliberately understated Ton Joli collection is characterised by a single thread of gold and diamonds forming the shape of a flower – or, on other models, a selection of exclusively black or white gems. Offset by diamonds, the large Ton Joli stones feature a small diamond leaf on one side – providing a supremely delicate gleam of light.

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  • PB_Look-at-me_1.jpg

    Diamonds are at the heart of this collection, which gives pride of place to the contrast between white diamond and Champagne hues. In a sinuous stream of light, the jewels become a seductive serpent – or perhaps a leaf a night, catching the light of the iridescent moon.

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  • PB_Joli_1.jpg

    Pasquale Bruni offers a new take on its iconic Bon Ton flower, taking us to the moon with its Joli collection. Featuring delicately coloured stones (pink chalcedony, white agate and mother-of-pearl), the Joli collection recalls the moon’s characteristic iridescence – radiating out in diamond filaments.

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  • Pasquale_Bruni_Kollektion_Je_t_aime_1.jpg

    A flower entwined with its diamond stem. The flower is set with a buffed stone on top and faceted on the sides. The deep colour of a Blue London topaz or crimson garnet set adds a special touch of elegance. On the diamond version, a festoon of light highlights the outline of the flower.

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  • PB_Petit-joli_1.jpg

    Pasquale Bruni pays a fulsome tribute to nature in this collection, drawing inspiration from elemental colours for an all-embracing bouquet. The sky is encapsulated in the shape of a flower decorated with lapis lazuli; green agate brings to mind the forest; onyx reminds us how precious the soil itself is.

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  • PB_Luce_1.jpg

    The waves sparkle as the sea catches the light of the sun, embodied here by little gold discs. As if amid a beautiful clear sky, Luce brings to mind the successive phases of the moon, lit by diamond light.

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    Giardini Segreti
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    Bon Ton
  • 3/10
    Figlia dei Fiori
  • 4/10
    Petit Garden
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    Ton Joli
  • 6/10
    Look at me
  • 7/10
  • 8/10
    Je t'Aime
  • 9/10
    Petit Jolì
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About Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni, a jeweller from Piemont, founded his own company in 1976 in Valenza, the cradle of Italian jewellery artistry. Together with his daughter Eugenia, the brand’s creative soul, he has enjoyed international success with his unique and highly personal creations that always seek to reflect the highest levels of sophistication. An interplay between a classical, even mystical touch and the pinnacle of modernity.

Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni

Collection Highlights

Pasquale Bruni collections are built around names that bring myth, luxury and an exquisite uniqueness to life, such as Bon Ton, Giardini Segreti, Sissi, Prato Fiorito and Amore.

Each of these wonderful and distinctive pieces adapts perfectly the person who is wearing them and reflect the Italian style of living at its best.

Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni
Pasquale BruniPasquale Bruni

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