Exhibition “The Arts of Bovet” at Les Ambassadeurs

The Arts of Bovet

Les Ambassadeurs and Bovet kindly invite you to discover now the exhibition “The Arts of Bovet” at the Les Ambassadeurs Boutique Zurich (Bahnhofstrasse 64). From decorative arts to the art of the personalisation, let us introduce you to Bovet’s timepieces and its wide range of fine decorations.

Bovet in Zurich
the art of bovet

About Bovet:

In keeping with BOVET tradition, each timepiece produced by the Maison is created by a skilled ensemble of artisans and technicians, which, like an orchestra, demands a skilled, harmonious performance. These craftsmen, like performers, play an instrumental role in producing the perfect masterpiece. In every timekeeping creation, BOVET references the elegant persona and savoir-faire of the Maison’s earliest 19th century works. The first example, the convertible Amadéo system, references the classical form and function of a BOVET pocket watch, with its distinctive bow at 12 o’clock. The ingenious Amadeo system may be converted in a few simple steps into a reversible wristwatch and table clock, or into a pocket watch for men’s models and a pendant watch for women’s models. The second calling card of the House’s distinctive lineage is evidenced in the decorative arts of and miniature painting and engraving, which are maintained by the Maison to this day. BOVET’s commitment to technical advancement continues the spirit of its founders and artisans, long known for their groundbreaking patents, such as the double coaxial seconds display mechanism Safeguarding the traditional arts, honoring traditional forms and functions, while pushing horology forward with new innovations and patents, BOVET honors its legacy while looking to the future.

BOVET combines traditional know-how with an avant-garde spirit to create timepieces of the highest standard. Its history is interspersed with innovative concepts, ingenious developments, and patents which have contributed to the evolution of mechanical watches, from the double face flying tourbillon and the spherical differential, to the radial guidance display mechanism and the micrometric rack.