About Swiss Kubik

Swiss Kubik had the marvellous idea of integrating a high-quality motor into a 10 x 10 cm cube; this motor is controlled by an electronic microprocessor and triggers a defined number of turns per day. This unparalleled and innovative watch winder was invented in 2007 and is intended to wind mechanical watches with an automatic movement. Its apparent simplicity conceals a technology that was specially developed in Geneva - capital of the luxury watchmaking industry - to meet the requirements of major Swiss watch brands. The Swiss Kubik can even be programmed to meet the very specific daily turning requirements of certain antique watches, collections or models with special characteristics.

Swiss KubikSwiss Kubik
Swiss KubikSwiss Kubik

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Thanks to the necessary equipment and regular training, our specialists are qualified to conduct most common repairs immediately.


Customised Design

Whether it involves watch engraving, cleaning or personalising your special piece, we are able to fulfil almost any request.


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Our customer service specialists ensure prompt, impeccable service, ranging from a battery change over to complete service.