Summer days: The perfect watch for her & for him

Time zones, moon phases and perfect summer bliss

June is the sixth month of the year, and its 30 days are the longest of the year. A full moon awaits us on 17 June, and summer officially begins on 21 June. To help you keep all these numbers and dates straight, we would like to introduce you to our most beautiful watches with day and month displays, moon phases and last but not least, time zones.


For her:

Frederique Constant Slimline
CHF 2‘380.00

The Frederique Constant Slimline impresses not just thanks to its 76 sparkling diamonds and feminine design but also with its integrated moon phase display. Does the moon’s brightness, even when it is 384,000 kilometres away, keep you awake sometimes? Be prepared for the next full moon. With this timepiece, you will never miss another bright night, and you will know exactly when is the best time to go to bed. 

Frederique Constants Slimline

Ulysse Nardin Classic
CHF 12'100.00

The Classic from Ulysse Nardin also exudes pure summer feeling. Women are enchanted by its white alligator leather band, mother-of-pearl dial with silver hands, and diamond hour markers. Not only does the watch work impeccably and look lovely, it also shows you the current date as well as the time in another time zone.

Ulysse Nardin Classic
Breguet Marine

For him:

Longines Master Collection
CHF 3'010.00

This watch is unbeatable when it comes to value for price. The crescent moon central hand indicates the current date, while the day and month are displayed at 12 o’clock. The Longines Master Collection also features a 24-hour display at 9 o’clock and a moon phase display at 6 o’clock. As you can see, this watch has it all.

Longines Master Collection

Blancpain Villeret
CHF 16'200.00

Astronomically speaking, a moon phase lasts precisely 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. This moon phase complication moves at pretty much the same speed. The blue hand shows you the current date, and you will find the day and month at 12 o’clock. Even in summer, this watch is very comfortable to wear thanks to the stainless steel band.

Blancpain Villeret

Breguet Classique „Hora Mundi” 
CHF 77'000.00

Where are you heading for this summer’s holidays? New York, Paris or Tokyo? The Breguet Classique "Hora Mundi"  with its World Time complication shows times from different time zones and features a synchronised display of your current location and your home time. The day/night hand also shows you if it is already night back home. A stunning must-have for any world traveller.

Breguet Classique Hora Mundi”