• OLC_Collection_Elephant_2.jpg

    The collection includes fun little gold elephants – a symbol of wisdom, faithfulness, strength, and happiness. Some of the beasts carry a drop of water in their trunk, represented by a green tourmaline or diamond pavé. You’ll never tire of wearing these little pieces of jewellery with a message.

      1 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Lace_2.jpg

    The romantic, feminine Lace collection embodies all the complexity of the jeweller’s craft, benefiting from the minute precision of cutting and setting to make the gold as delicate as lace – highlighted from time to time by subtle touches of diamonds.

      2 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Lotus_1_2.jpg

    Myriads of bright, fresh-coloured stones resemble a closed lotus flower, set delicately like a drop of light on a minimalist golden corolla. The symbol of happiness and renewal across Asia, the lotus and its characteristic dome shape here form a talisman ring to be worn singly, or with an array of matching colours.

      3 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Love_Bands_2.jpg

    Faithful to its tradition of designing sober, contemporary jewellery, OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN offers gold wedding rings in a range of different colours, finely set with diamonds, together with gently twisted rings resembling the links on its chain bracelets – another signature feature of its style.

      4 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Leaves_2.jpg

    The Leaves collection is a powerful witness to OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN’s commitment to artisanal jewellery-making knowhow. The delicate, slender gold leaves that characterise the collection are fully hand-engraved, and are enhanced by a discreet satin matt finish.

      5 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Shooting_Stars_2.jpg

    Graceful little diamond stars settle on jewellery like moonlight. Whether they’re set on long, slender eardrops, chains, or the slimmest of rings, or bursting out in a constellation of several stars on other pieces, these refined, twinkling stars are a hallmark of elegance.

      6 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Snakes_2.jpg

    The Snakes collection draws inspiration from the Egyptian bas-reliefs admired by the founder Ole Lynggaard, and was created to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary. In addition to a highly sensual style, the items in the collection showcase the technique of gold engraving, adding a special touch of elegance to each piece.

      7 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Nature_2.jpg

    The hand-engraved jewellery in the Nature collection blends organic and stylised design. The rings, in the form of a bamboo stem wrapped around the finger, are ideal for everyday wear. Their elegance reflects one of the brand’s key sources of inspiration: nature in all its untrammelled beauty, with a touch of exotic spirituality.

      8 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Life_2.jpg

    This sturdy, fun bracelet with a gold hook clasp is fully hand-made – and made to last for life. It can go everywhere with its wearer, whether you’re walking, dancing, or swimming. Wearing several Life bracelets at once produces a fun, festive rainbow effect; you can mix and match them with other OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN bracelets, too.

      9 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Sweet-Drops-1_2.jpg

    Charms in the Sweet Drops collection add a fresh, lively touch: all the freshness of bright colours, and all the liveliness of their droplet shape. The large, satin gold clasps make them easy to fit to any of the brand’s gold, silk, or leather bracelets, offering a whole range of styles.

      10 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Dew-Drops-2_2.jpg

    Charlotte Lynggaard’s romantic spirit is embodied by these long, thread-like dew-drop earrings. Naturally-coloured, the precious bouquet features transparent, matt, faceted, cabochon, round, and elongated stones enhance femininity as they dance around the face.

      11 18  
  • OLC_Collection_HOOK-KOMBI-A-B-C_2.jpg

    Drop pendants can be daywear or evening wear, with a range of colours mirroring those found in nature. The stones are interchangeable thanks to the Hook system designed by the brand. It’s a great solution to help you choose your style of the moment!

      12 18  
  • OLC_Collection_FOREST_2.jpg

    Charlotte Lynggaard’s long walks through nature, the wild beauty of the forest, echoes of Swedish fairy tales, and the natural forms of Art Nouveau all helped to inspire Forest. Features of nature are portrayed in satin, sculpted, and ribbed relief, shaped from stones or gold, bringing to mind all the enchantment of the woods.

      13 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Blooming_2.jpg

    In a tribute to nature and the circle of life, Blooming hints at that moment in time just prior to flowering, with its profusion of colour and fragrance. Buds of pearls and diamonds sit beside tiny flowers cut from moonstone and coral. Satin gold stems recall the natural movement of new shoots.

      14 18  
  • OLC_Collection_Love_2.jpg

    An extensive choice of chain bracelets featuring the brand’s distinctive signature: hand-engraved, satin-finish gold. The bracelets are made up of asymmetric links in the form of slightly twisted circular or oval rings. Make your own personalised jewellery by hooking charms and pendants onto these contemporary-look chain bracelets!

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  • OLC_Collection_COLLIERS-KOMBI-A-B-C-D_1.jpg

    These necklaces are fine chains featuring a delicate arrangement of coloured stones, small gold motifs, and diamonds. These graceful, everyday items of jewellery can be worn alone or with other items to give your figure a refined touch of sophistication.

      16 18  
  • A2922-401_main_1_2.jpeg
    Inspired by Art Nouveau style, the wonders of the natural world, and the carefree Bohemian lifestyle, the BoHo Collection by Danish jewellery designer Charlotte Lynggaard features chic handcrafted 18 karat gold creations, individually shaped and set with specially selected gemstones and diamonds.
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  • A3039-402_A3098-401.jpg

    Crafted with precision and innovation, the diamond wonders embody edgy glamour and exceptional sparkle. With their multidimensional structure and sharp features, the stars shine with intense brilliance. Mix and match these standout pieces with other fine jewelry for endless possibilities of playful expressions.

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About Ole Lynggaard COPENHAGEN

This Danish jeweller was founded by Ole Lynggaard in 1953. The family-run company is one of the official suppliers to the Danish royal family – and it is also renowned worldwide for its unique designs. This fine blend ensures that the ageless creations are handed down from generation to generation without succumbing to the transience of time.

Ole LynggaardOle Lynggaard

Collection Highlights

The creations brought to life by this house are inspired by flowers, plants and animals, uniting elegance and refinement with classical elements and contemporary flair. Each piece of jewellery is painstakingly designed down to the very last detail and is finished with a signature as a guarantee of the product’s quality and perfection. Almost all OLE LYNGGAARD COPENHAGEN collections allow for the expansion and individualisation of the pieces of jewellery with the aim of achieving many different combinations. The Danish label's Mix&Match principle means that the famous Lotus, Shooting Star and Nature collections can be perfectly combined and extended with various pendants. The collections are therefore especially changeable and can be used for different occasions.

Ole LynggaardOle Lynggaard

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