Expert Opinions: Vacheron Constantin Overseas

Questions for expert watchmakers

In the second part of our expert series, the experts have taken a close look at Vacheron Constantin's "Overseas". The advantages of this watch are explained in the following article.

Christian Selmoni
Directeur du Style et du Patrimoine et ancien directeur Marketing produit, VC

Christian Selmoni

Salvatore Cucinotta
Les Ambassadeurs Lugano

Salvatore Cucinotta

What are the merits of the new generation of Overseas?  
Christian Selmoni: A design at once classic and contemporary that incorporates the brand’s stylistic characteris­tics: elegance, refinement, sophistication and timelessness. The new generation also intro­duces new movements developed in-house and proposes functionalities favouring optimal comfort, alongside the maintenance of the antimagnetic protection.

Salvatore Cucinotta: For me, the most interesting are the Manu­facture movement, the transparent case back and, above all, the Poinçon de Genève certifi­cation, which guarantees unrivalled quality in all aspects concerning technical standards and aesthetics.


Why was stainless steel chosen?
Christian Selmoni: Stainless steel is a metal that offers robust­ness, resisting shocks and scratching, while embodying a spirit, an active character adapted to travel, discovery and sport. Moreover, it is a discreet material, so that you can wear your Overseas in all circumstances.

Salvatore Cucinotta: This material is highly resistant to shocks, scratches and corrosion. Changes due to wear remain almost imperceptible. A stainless steel watch is thus perfect for everyday use, thanks to its adaptability. This model is particularly elegant, while still looking very sporty. The addition of a ceramic bezel would be the ulti­mate detail to elevate this watch to perfection.


What is the added value from providing three wristlets at the same time?
Christian Selmoni: This offers versatility, three choices that are different yet complementary, allowing you to adapt your Overseas chronometer to the activ­ities you partake in. Thus you can adapt to var­ious styles, according to your whims or to the different moments in the day, for example. This feature offers our clients true quality of comfort.

Salvatore Cucinotta: This solution gives the owner the impression of possessing three different watches. Each wrist­let gives the watch a very personal style: formal with the alligator-skin strap, sporty with the rubber strap, and sporty chic with the stainless steel. It’s a considerable bonus.


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