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About Jaquet Droz

Founded in 1738 by Pierre Jaquet Droz in La Chaux-de-Fonds, all collectionshave consistently thrilled devotees of grand complication watches. The aesthetic codes imbued with avant-garde poetry, characterising Jaquet Droz watches, represent the essence of the brand identity. This exceptional tradition has succeeded in incorporating the finest technological innovations of watchmaking, not to mention the timeless secret signature of mechanical Jaquet Drozmovements, all engraved with a three-leaf clover.

In 1774, Jaquet Droz unveiled three automata – three fully automated, mechanically driven, humanlike dolls known as the Jacquet Droz Automata. Today, these still-functioning machines remain among Jaquet Droz’s most famous works and can be visited in Neuchâtel.

Jaquet Droz

The philosophy of the unique.

Jaquet Droz

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