Watchmaker for Christmas

Give the gift of memories that will last forever

Experiences turn into cherished memories. That’s why we have the perfect gift idea for you this Christmas. Treat your loved one with a voucher to enjoy a “Watchmaker for a Day” course.

Participants will spend a full day learning how to build a watch and everything that it takes to do so. They can choose between different dials, straps and hands, and create their very own timepiece. With meticulous care and patience, the participants on the course can then take their own hand-built watch home with them at the end of the day. The course is held at the Les Ambassadeurs boutique in Zurich.


Have we caught your interest? We look forward to hearing from you. For vouchers and general bookings, please contact Ramona Schläpfer at: [email protected] or +41 44 227 17 17.

You can find further information, course details and costs here.

Watchmaker course
Watchmaker course watch